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BaseCoDear spotter,

2 years after the last KeeBee Spottersday (2015), Kleine-Brogel Air Base is proud to -once again- present THE spotters event of the year 2017.

In close cooperation with the Sanicole International Airshow a unique spotters event will be organized on September 9th, showing numerous aircraft and helicopters and giving you a splendid occasion to make the pictures you always have dreamed of.

Have a look at the invitation list to see who is attending and check out our partners. Be there and don't miss this opportunity to make your 'best shot' of the year.

We - the Kleine-Brogel Airbase and Sanicole Team - are looking forward to seeing you again and help make your (photo) dreams come true!

Colonel Geert DE DECKER, MSc
Commander Kleine-Brogel Air Base

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Spottersday Ticketing ONLINE !

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Kleine-Brogel Air Force Base, where many of the Sanicole participants are based, hosts a “Spottersday” allowing the public to view up close many of the aircraft taking part, some of which flying during the course of the day. On this Saturday Sep 9th, you are invited to witness some flypasts while holding for their rehearsals over Sanicole and admire multiple flying demonstrations of Belgian Air Force aircraft. The event takes place along the long parallel relief runway providing the parking area for the vast majority of visiting aircraft.

Visit the Ticketing-Page