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Kleine-Brogel Air Base is proud to -once again- present THE spotters event of the year 2023.

Ahead of The Belgian Air Force Days 2023, a unique spotters event will be organized on Friday 8 September 2023 , showing numerous aircraft and helicopters and giving you a splendid occasion to make the pictures you always have dreamed of. 


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Timings & Access

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SCHEDULE Take-Off & Arrival

Doors: 08h00 - 16h30

Schedule subject to change ! Exact timings can't be given due to external factors


Schema Spottersdag 22

DEMO's, Landings, Takeoffs: AT-6D, NH-90 DEMO, Team BABY BLUE,  AT-6D, F-22 , A-400M,  Team VICTORS,  WILDCAT, RED DEVILS DEMO, A-109 DEMO , DEMO BAF F-16 DreamViper, THUNDERTIGERS DEMO, W-3A, ...

Check the Schedule (PDF) - update 10 Sep '22 07h00


Timings will  be announced by QR code scanning on the airfield or through this website on 10 Sep '22


SpottersdayKeeBee 11Sep21 By Gert Trachez 10
SpottersdayKeeBee 11Sep21 ByRobinM 100
SpottersdayKeeBee 11Sep21 ByRobinM 54
IMG 1948
SpottersdayKeeBee 11Sep21 ByRobinM 101
IMG 2071
SHawks 3
S 13sep2021 22
IMG 2046
S 13sep2021 32
SpottersdayKeeBee 11Sep21 By Gert Trachez 12
IMG 2116
SpottersdayKeeBee 11Sep21 ByRobinM 66
SpottersdayKeeBee 11Sep21 By Gert Trachez 13
RMP 8402
SpottersdayKeeBee 11Sep21 ByRobinM 12
IMG 3135
IMG 2112
RMP 0505
RMP 8791
IMG 2065
IMG 2041
SpottersdayKeeBee 11Sep21 By Gert Trachez 5
IMG 1938
SpottersdayKeeBee 11Sep21 ByRobinM 10
Bafd2023 2