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Some very nice impressions of the 2019 Spottersday at Kleine-Brogel Air Base 

A special thanks to the photographers which provided us with the High quality pictures - Kees ( , Robin Mues, Marting Gillet, Benoit Denet, Gert Trachez, Raf Verheyen, Maarten Bijnens,Jozef Vanden Broeck, ....

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Some impressions of the 2018 Spottersday at Kleine-Brogel Air Base , see you all in 2019: Spottersday 14 Sep , Kleine-Brogel (BE) - Sanicole Airshow 13 & 15 Sep


Some impressions of the 2017 Spottersday at Kleine-Brogel Air Base , see you all in 2018: Belgian Air Force Days , Kleine-Brogel (BE)

Thanks to Gert Trachez for providing the photos

First aircraft arriving @ Kleine-Brogel Air Base for the   Sanicole Airshow 2017 rehearsals

Photos - Spottersday 2014 - 2015 -  for announcement of the Spottersday - website. Be aware that there will be a large static display, check the 'participants' schedule page for some updates on demo's and take-off/Ldg:


Gert Trachez - FB: Gspot Aviation Photos